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ARCHITECTURE AND CRITICISM Ignasi de Solà-Morales. This exhibition presents – for the first time in a museum context – an extensive selection of material from the architect’s personal archive, consisting of working documents, notes and lectures, dialogues and projects, most of them never seen by the public before. This material not only tells us of Solà-Morales’s own intellectual life but also gives an account of the development of architecture in Catalonia during the closing 30 years of the 20th century, of the fabric of cultural institutions constructed at that time, and of the links with international movements

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Fundación MAPFRE Casa Garriga Nogués, Barcelona, until May 19, 2019. Ground-breaking and bold, the North American photographer Berenice Abbott served as a bridge between the cultural circles of Paris and New York in the 1920s and 1930s. Abbott's portraits of Parisian artists and intellectuals and her vision of the transformations of New York City are outstanding depictions of the modernity of the 20th century

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For the second year running, Llum BCN transforms the streets of Poblenou into a huge, open-air experimentation laboratory using light as the creative medium and the work of artists, designers and architects from all over the world who are exploring the possibilities offered by new technologies in urban spaces such as dynamic lighting, large-scale projection and interactive environments

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Fondation Beyler, Basel, Switzerland. FEBRUARY 3 – MAY 26, 2019- THE YOUNG PICASSO. BLUE AND ROSE PERIODS. This exhibition, the most ambitious ever staged by the Fondation Beyeler, is devoted to the paintings and sculptures of the young Pablo Picasso from the so-called Blue and Rose periods, between 1901 and 1906. For the first time in Europe, the masterpieces of these crucial years, every one of them a milestone on Picasso’s path to preeminence as the twentieth century’s most famous artist, are presented together, in a concentration and quality that are unparalleled. Picasso’s pictures from this phase of creative ferment are some of the finest and most emotionally compelling examples of modern painting, and are counted among the most valuable and sought-after works in the entire history of art. It is unlikely that they will be seen again in such a selection in a single place.

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Casa Elizalde, del 15 de gener de 2019 al 23 de febrer de 2019. Loop presenta una exposició  que s’aproxima al vídeo com a espai de creació en la intersecció amb altres disciplines. Degut al seu caràcter temporal i la constant renovació tecnològica, el vídeo destaca com a eina capaç d’experimentar, analitzar i captar la forma del temps en què vivim. Les peces seleccionades provenen de col·leccions privades i proposen connexions entre el vídeo, la dansa, la pintura o l’arquitectura, que van més enllà dels límits tradicionals de cada llenguatge.

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La Pedrera, until 27.1.19 "Open Works. Art in Movement, 1955-1975". The exhibition consists of a choice of works from the leading figures in an international artistic revolution which erupted in Europe in the fifties and sixties. The works revolve around the concept of openness, movement and space, getting away from the traditional categories of painting and sculpture and conventional subjects through experimentation and research with new materials and media and the opening up of the artistic space.  The new ideas go beyond the boundaries of a purist aesthetic and are closer to materials and technologies belonging to science and industry, making it possible to explore space, light and movement.

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