In this video the activities of the first edition of the project of CITINET, along with its relationship with the pedagogical methodology of SDR, are explained.


BCN Itineraris

Itineraries made from images taken by students of the city of Barcelona. A group of 4-6 students structures the images into a thematic itinerary.


Digital journal made by a group of 4-6 students about issues of contemporary architecture and its relationship with the principles established by the modern architecture. The group of students acts as the editorial board, determining the course of action, the graphic design and the content of the journal pages.


YouTube channel that shows the work done by the student about the theme of representation and reproduction of the space through video techniques and animated image processing.


Web environment that complements the book BCN: REFLECTIONS. In this environment, users can add new photographs that are already in the book, associate concepts to the photographs and group them.


Aplication to send digital postcards, made from the photographs and photomontages elaborated by students within the theme of IMAGE.


Previous version of SDR portal. It contains a detailed explanation of the educational environment SDR: NETWORKING (in Spanish, Catalan and English)

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Student work selection, done or presented outside the learning platform SDR:NET (blogs, ARQPress, Youtube).