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Analysis of the contents of articles of the contemporary architectural debate. Representation and communication of the reflections about modern and contemporary architecture by means of essays, vocabularies, motion text, and blogs.

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Gonzalez, Josep Maria-References

When thinking about vernacular and/or bioclimatic architecture, Glenn Murcutt is one of the names that could come to mind. His projects take into an account the place, not just in climatic and environmental terms, but also in terms of tradition. In the case of the Marika-Alderton House, the conversation of the project and the place can be appreciated in elements like the eaves which protect the house from the summer sun, and also in the sliding and pivoting screens that allow the breeze to pass through. In fact, the whole house is elevated to allow ventilation under it. Elements like these answer to the climatic aspects of this tropical location. Australian hardwood were used in the structure and all components where prefabricated in the country. People were taken into an account as this house was thought as an alternative to the aboriginal public housing, which the preexistent building was an example of. The treatment of views that can be seen in the images can be taken as another way of anchoring the project to the place.

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SDR:FIGURE 2017-2018

This theme is concerned with abstraction in painting, colour and composition, Gestalt laws, and the synesthetic relationships between musical form and visual composition. The learning activities are dedicated to analysing the structure of a work of concrete painting and to representing it through a computer animation; to translate a musical composition into a visual one and to create a series of variations on a theme.

SDR:TEXT 2017-2018

The theme is dedicated to the study and contrast of the principles of modern architecture as expressed in the manifestoes of the early twentieth century avant-gardes with the ideas that are being debated in contemporary architecture. In line with this opposition, other issues related to graphic design, typography, visual poetry, communication and digital media are addressed.


During the course SDR 2016-17, the themes Image and Space have been dedicated to analyse through photography and video three neighbourhoods of Barcelona, Plus Ultra, Vallcarcaand TrinitatNova. These urban areas have been chosen within the framework of the Prohabitproject to verify the impact that the urban transformations have had on their inhabitants.

In addition, the UMVA project has been developed for 5 years in the space theme, a collaborative project developed by the School of Architecture La Salle and the Loop Festival with the aim of using video as a tool to document how people use space. The artists Mireia Sallarès, Claudio Zulianand Miquel Garcia have guided the students in carrying out their work.

SDR:OBJECT 2016-17

The theme OBJECT is about exploring the relationship between form and threedimensional space through three formal languages: line, plane and solid . In addition, the relationship between form, material and technique is analysed in the process of generating three-dimensional objects.

The study of modern art enables to understand the different formal languages: the objects of the Russian Constructivists and of De Stijlgroup, as well as artists who have continued with the avant-garde art. At the same time, the morphology of nature’s creation is studied: the structure of minerals, the plant growth and the relationship between the form of the living beings and the form of their motion in space. The works are carried out using digital media (modeling, rendering, animation) and physical models.

UMVA Unitat Mòbil de Vídeo Arquitectura

Desde el año 2102, la asignatura “SDR Sistemas de Representación” de la Escuela de Arquitectura La Salle y el LOOP Festival llevan a cabo el programa UMVA-Unidad Móvil de Video Arquitectura. El objetivo de este programa es promover la aplicación del video – como herramienta de análisis y medio de comunicación – en el estudio del espacio habitado. Este estudio abarca: 1. observar la interacción entre las personas y los espacios que habitan, 2. averiguar los significados y valores que los habitantes otorgan a los lugares y 3. transmitir los resultados del estudio a través de vídeos. Los estudiantes de arquitectura realizan los vídeos con la tutela de los profesores de arquitectura y artistas seleccionados por el LOOP Festival.

En esta sexta edición de la UMVA, los barrios que se van a estudiar son Trinitat Nova, Plus Ultra y Vallcarca. En esta ocasión los creadores propuestos por el LOOP Festival para ejercer de tutores son Miquel García, Mireia Sallarès y Claudio Zulian.

SDR:FIGURE 2016-17

The theme FIGURE is about the fundaments of color theory. Interaction of shape and color in two-dimensional compositions. Abstract and concrete painting. The form of musical and painterly compositions (synesthesia). Perception of form as structure or Gestalt. Composition systems.

This site collects the work of pedagogical innovation carried out in the course of Sistemas de Representación- SDR (in English, Systems of Representation), course that is given in the second and third year of the study program of the School of Architecture La Salle, since 1999- 2000.

On the homepage, the theme that we are currently working on, appears selected and a selection of the most outstanding student work can be found, as well.