Sistemas De Representación (SDR). In English: Systems of Representation.

SDR is given in the School of Architecture La Salle, from the course 1999- 2000. More than a course in the traditional sense, SDR is an open and participative space of knowledge that relates different areas. This is done integrating the information and communication technologies: the theory of art and architecture, aesthetics and composition, graphic design and visual communication, visual studies and representation. The interrelationship between the various disciplines give place to a space of knowledge that goes beyond its boundaries. In this space of multidisciplinary learning, the joint construction of the relationships among the different areas of knowledge, by students and professors, becomes the goal of the course.

Structure of the relationships among areas of knowledge from which contents of the course are generated.

Information technologies and communication are integrated into the teaching methodology of the course. From its beginnings, the course counts with a learning environment of its own, developed by the group ARC Enginyeria i Arquitectura La Salle. In the period 1999- 2008, the SDR: NETWORKING enviroment has been developed, which has been replaced later by the new version SDR:NET. Furthermore, specific tools for the generation of shapes and spaces have been created, that are utilized to do the exercises.

The current faculty consists of:

· Dr. Leandro Madrazo, Arquitecto, Catedrático URL
· Mario Hernández, Arquitecto, Profesor asociado
· Adrià Sanchez, Arquitecto, Profesor asociado

Previously, the following were associate professors of the course:

· Eduardo Hernández, Arquitecto (2000-2005)
· Joan Quílez, Arquitecto (2000-2001)
· Albert Vallverdú, Arquitecto y compositor musical, Profesor asociado
· Ángel Martín Cojo, Arquitecto, Profesor asociado
· Marta Sabat, licenciada en Bellas Artes (doctoranda), Profesor asociado