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The exhibition Adolf Loos. Private Spaces presents, for the first time in Spain, a vast display of the work of this outstanding figure in Viennese architecture, a pioneer in the debate between spaces in public and private life. Museu del Disseny, Barcelona. 14.12.17 to 25.2.18.

15/12/2017 publicada por Leandro Madrazo

Cubism(s) and Experiences of Modernity, Museo Reina Sofia, Madrid. The union of the Telefónica Cubist Collection and the cubist holdings at Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofia supports this plural conception of the cubist experience. The union of the two collections also brings the work of Juan Gris to the fore in both the exhibition and the narrative. Thinking about the cubist experience inevitably means thinking about the pervasiveness of the work of Picasso and Braque. But at this point in time, it is not only legitimate and possible to reconsider the cubist experience from the perspective of the formulations of Juan Gris, it is also desirable, because it means recognising the complexity of the true nature of Cubism.

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Museo Guggenheim Bilbao, 6 de octubre 2017 a 14 de enero 2018, Anni Albers, "Tocar la vista"  Esta exposición propone una aproximación detallada a la obra de Anni Albers (Berlín, 1899–Orange, Connecticut, EE. UU., 1994), artista que se distinguió por la originalidad de su trabajo pictórico y textil, y por su íntimo conocimiento de los materiales y técnicas de la tejeduría, un modo de producción casi tan antiguo como la humanidad. Prestando especial atención a las conexiones entre los distintos períodos y series de su trayectoria, y destacando tanto sus motivos e ideas recurrentes como sus creaciones experimentales, Anni Albers: tocar la vista refleja la fuerza de una artista cuyo pensamiento humanista y esencial tuvo gran influencia en el arte de su tiempo y en el de generaciones posteriores.

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On Tuesday 10 October at 12h, a lecture by Arcadi Pla will take place. Architect since 1969 and established in Girona; he has developed his career designing large and significant buildings others more conventional and small. He has a long pedagogical dedication working in the universities UPC and La Salle. The conference will alternate Catalan, Spanish and English to satisfy the different students of the school and will deal with the subject of the African emergency architecture based on examples of DIÉBÉDO FRANCIS KERÉ // TOSHIKO MORI // KUNLÉ

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BROSSA POETRY. MACBA presents a comprehensive survey of the work of this pioneering artist, through his books, his visual investigations, and including his work in the theatre, cinema, music and artistic actions Joan Brossa (Barcelona, 1919-1998) was first and foremost a poet, but we believe it is necessary to see this in relation to his way of working, his poiesis. This exhibition establishes a dialogue and confronts Brossa’s work with the artists Marcel Marien, Nicanor Parra and Ian Hamilton-Finlay. Brossa was a poet, but his works stood at a crossroad of languages. Frequently collaborating with other artists, musicians, filmmakers, dancers, comedians and even magicians, his work constantly went against the grain and beyond the limits between disciplines. 

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In recent years, David Bestué (Barcelona, 1980) has realised a series of sculpture projects which critically review certain historical events and aesthetic/formal developments characterising last century’s avant-garde movements in the fields of art, architecture and literature.  For the exhibition ROSI AMOR, put together specifically for the Fissures programme, the artist sets forth a material and formal investigation, drawing inspiration from the Madrid districts of Las Tablas and Vallecas, and the nearby El Escorial Monastery. Each of these places bears associations with different sculpture techniques, identified, in turn, in the aesthetics of business, the popular and the historical.   

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