RÉPENER is a research project  co-funded by the Spanish National  R&D Plan 2009-2012 which is carried out the research group ARC Enginyeria i Arquitectura La Salle, Barcelona in collaboration with the Faculty of Business and Computer Science, Hochschule Albstadt-Sigmaringen, in Germany.

The aim of this research project has been to design and implement a prototype of an energy information system using semantic technologies, following the philosophy of the Linked Open Data initiative. The developed system –SEIS, Semantic Energy Information System– integrates two types of data sources, proprietary and open. The energy model in which the system is based comprises two types of energy:  building data (consumptions, provision, installations, use, etc.), and data related with other fields (environmental, social, economic,…) that can have an impact in the buildings’ energy efficiency.

SEIS facilitates to various agents (technical teams, consultants, users, energy managers, public) access to energy information created by different applications (energy certificates, simulation, monitoring) throughout the building life cycle, from design to use and operation. SEIS deployed services provide qualified information to improve the decision making process in their respective areas, with the common purpose of improving the energy efficiency of buildings. SEIS interfaces enable users of different profiles – technical equipment, building managers, owners, and consultants interact with the energy-information system in a personalized way.

SEIS may be extended in the future with new energy data that can be added to the system of semantic information, and new services tailored to the specific needs expressed by users.