Research projects dealing with topics which are related to the objectives of the Oikodomos project.

EU Projects

HOUSING@ 21.EU: emerging forms of housing and living in 21st century Europe. Erasmus Intensive Programme, 2003-2006. The goal of the project is to study the emergence of new forms of housing in 21st century Europe. Transformations undergoing European societies, at the social, economic and technological levels, call for a revision of existing forms of housing.

SUDOE. The goal of this Project is to document and disseminate the architectural heritage of the twentieth century in Spain, Gibraltar and southwest of France.

MACE: Metadata for Architectural Contents in Europe. MACE, an European Initiative is aimed at improving architectural education, by integrating and connecting vast amounts of content from diverse repositories, including past European projects existing architectural design communities.

BENVIC: Benchmarking of Virtual Campuses. The Benvic project is focused in the establishment of evaluation criteria in order to achieve the Quality Standards for Virtual Campuses.

ReVica. Reviewing Traces of European Virtual Campuses. A systematic review of Virtual Campus initiatives of the past decade within higher education throughout the world.


AALTO: A CONCEPTUAL ANALYSIS. A study of some of the works of the Finish architect done at the ETH Zurich, 1997.

archINFORM: International Architecture Database. ArchINFORM is an online database for international architecture, originally emerging from records of interesting building projects from architecture students from the University of Karlsruhe, Germany.

THE GREAT BUILDINGS COLLECTION. This gateway to architecture around the world and across history documents a thousand buildings and hundreds of leading architects, with 3D models, photographic images and architectural drawings, commentaries, bibliographies, web links, and more.

ARCHIPLANET. Archiplanet is a community-constructed collection for all the buildings, building users, and building creators on planet Earth.

HOUSING PROTOTYPES.ORG. Web site dedicated to the study of international multi-family housing.

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