Armadillo / Yuji Tanabe Architects



  • Architects

    Yuji Tanabe Architects
  • Location

    Kamakura, Kanagawa, Japan 
  • Structural Engineer

    Jun Sato
  • Builder

    Kawaguchi Kenchiku
  • Area

    52.0 sqm
  • year Project

  • Photographs

    Yuji Tanabe


    from the architect.  Armadillo is located in Kamakura, Japan. With the sea to one side and the other 3 surrounded by mountains, this town's topography Provides perfect protection from enemy. This feature Kamakura led to Become the political center of Japan in the 12th century . This site is located in a valley with a very narrow approach road, so the carpenter was required to fabricate off-site workshop at Their. The clients- a couple, her father, two dogs and a cat - bought the site with ITS old house four years ago. The house was built in the 1930s and enlarged Existing 35years ago (this Existing house do not Satisfy the present earthquake-resistant standards).