What makes the human kind so unique compared to animals? There’s a lot of facts that distinguishes us from the rest of the specie but the most remarkable one is the ability we have to manipulate and shape the world around us at our will. The capacity of reasoning and imagination has led us to evolve as a specie. As the scientist Bill Nye said: “Human life is a continuous evolution where innovation is the change that unlocks the new value”. We innovate in order to make our life more efficient and we create new solutions to satisfy our needs. Since the first tools created for hunting and building until the smartphones there has been a large evolution. Although the differences are considerable between those gadgets the main goal is the same, to give a clever solution to make our lives easier.

Not only is the use of those tools a main concern for our survival but also the manufacturing of those. How we create and transforms our designs into physical; our dreams into reality. This innovative evolution involved the appearance of industrialization in order to optimize the manufacturing of this new solutions.

Industrialization is a way to change the production process in a more efficient way to get more optimized solutions. This change in the production doesn’t affect the design or the end product but the manufacturing. Industrialization has a big role in today’s society is because one of our main priorities nowadays.

This change is the adaptation to the economic growth of society. This growth is every time more intensive and expanded through all the world where capitalism has taken a huge role. The economic, social and political system is based on the profit of the production of goods. Therefore we live in an industrial society driven by the use of technology to enable the mass production to supply a large population.  Industrialization is the result of this capacity of the human kind to innovate and change the world around us to adapt ourselves to this constant development.

This process to achieve efficient solutions has evolved itself since industrialization began in the 19th Century. This new era also marked the architecture evolution. Not only new materials and construction elements appeared but also a new way of designing. The same way those industrialized products offered a more optimal solutions, architects and engineers started designing in the same efficient way. Our capacity to manufacture constructive elements cheaper, faster and customized, marked an inflection point where architecture started using modular and precast elements in their design. Using this elements offered a new architecture solution that can be adapted to this society growth of the new generation.

The future is uncertain and unknown but we can dream about it. This capacity that let us evolve is the same that led us into industrialization. The growth of society demands this optimized solutions. As long as we grow and evolve as specie, we will need every time more efficient solutions to adapt ourselves to this changing environment. After all it is what differentiate us from animals.



“Efficient Solutions “ Andrew Lewis