As mentioned previously, architectural design was shifting from a functionalism point of view to a environmental friendly approach for the buildings, starting on the design phase. 

With the industrialization of our new "world of wealth"architecture drifts away into a world of ecstasy and omnipotence where architects can create spaces that could only appear in dreams, changing the focus of the design in the aesthetics of the final product. 

Also other architects try to find a solution for the contamination problem related to architecture and the process of constructing a new building, and start designing buildings that show how they are "Eco-Friendly", which are found to be less comfortable than other buildings that where created before. 

This separates daily life and emotions of the inhabitants with the space designed. The separation of the parts can lead to an incorrect use of the building. This is far different from the original purpose of architectures, as Ezra Pound mentions on THE ABC. 


Lately, new projects from non-privileged parts of the globe have been shown on different magazines, showing different solutions to this alienation of emotions in modern buildings, as well as creating  an Eco-Friendly Buildings which makes the inhabitants feel as comfortable as on other buildings from the past.  

This sense of illusion is usually broken by the use of traditional materials and shapes as we look back at previous examples of architecture, which will create a sensation of comforttotheuser,bringingthemback to the real life. Thinking in the essence or the origin of architecture is a must if we want to design a building that will satisfy its users. 

The challenge set for architects nowadays is to find the balance during the design process in all, materials, shapes and energy consumption, in order to create a comfortable space for a person from this new era of architecture.