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Over the years finding a stable relationship between the enviroment and the energy consume has been one of the most difficult aspect to solve in the architecture and enginering field; not just for the big demand that these idustries need to satisfy, but also for the big effort that an industry as architecture need to achieve: build eco and modern building that do not have a big impact on the surrounding environment and society.

Speaking about the development of sustabinility nowadays we can say that it’s one of the most critical aspects that we are trying to guarantee, cause we are living a time where issues as global warming, mass production and poverty are affecting our population.

Not a lot of people know that architecture industry is one of the biggest producers of CO2, and not just for the energy consume during the life period of the building, but also for the big energy cost that the production of the building has; that is why we should support and encourage the production of modern and eco sensible building taking in consideration these two big parts of the life of the building.

We should have the less possible impact during the building process as we should have a less impact during its use.
On the other hand this super fancy and eco architecture we are producing, most of the time do not have a good impact on society, and the reason it’s often linked with their aspect. 

It’s here when we come to speak about the aeshtetic of energy, a really big problem to solve in our buildings today, for example if we analyze one modern and eco building most of the time the “trying to show” its ecofriendly aspect is not trasmitting at the same time the warm and comfortable sensations that probably a older and  less sustainable building could trasmite to us.

Matching these different aspects is the objective we need to achive to guarantee the good functioning of a building with a small enviromental effect and at the same time it should have the quality of possitively show and trasmit its fuction and capacity to the the society without impacting with a cold and distant aspect but trying to smooth it recaling the idea of the traditional an warmer old building society was used to.