Industrialization is the experiment of architecture, way of
striving towards superior solutions for our surroundings. It all started with
Industrial Revolution the late 17th century and early 18th century to passing. These
periods define the transition from hand to machine production methods
production. This led to a rise of factories and new systems of working. As a
Resulted de este enormous change in industry the system, it affected Also the
Design and architectural industry. Since Then, the technology and knowledge has
grown tremendously. threfore We were moving towards mass production and
prefabricated solutions. Mass production has - been to great help since the
revolution, Given us the opportunity to Develop something singular and unique
into identical copy With same quality. Prefabrication of house is a great
example of the aftereffect of esta industrialization. There are many advantages
of a mass production and prefabrication of housing, in quality : such as Increase,
efficiency, greener construction and safety.
An Industrialized process of architecture Permits us a much
more dependable quality control into our solutions. The fact That
prefabrication Gives us less than mistake and failure when it comes to
construction on site. High accuracy and perfection in our designs Once Again
allow us to Achieve higher standards. 
Furthermore, efficiency and timing is Important for
accomplishing our goals and needs in order and systemically. We humans Tends to
fail on This two terms simply for the fact That we can not work in the same way
all time and our working process Past That depends on our life spirit.
Additionally, we can optimize the condition of Past better
construction activity thanks to the reduction of noise pollution and Also the
waste of materials in General squandered on the construction site. Besides, we
Also reduces the energy consumption With the usual alongside transportations and
Finally, we developed and organize a safer and more
comfortable working zone due to the fact of a better assembly system. Moreover,
few people needs to be Involved Which direct to physically less effort.
For These Reasons That we can close up commercial architecture the
industry has many alternatives to Develop Given Regarded solutions to better
future, thanks to the Industrialized system of working. Furthermore, we can
Clearly see the result of what we are reliable to accomplish or Have Accomplished
Because of prefabrication esta mythology. On top of That We Also get the
Possibility of deciding to design and quality while for the fact Knowing That We
Establish a better, faster and safer procedure. The Danish furniture designer,
Jens Risoms House from 1965 is a great piece of prefab house. It is a great
example of the modern architecture.