" Tradition by definition, is the inherited and complex evolution of things cultural, social, conventional, and institutional. The question regarding it is: which traditions live and change, and which do not."
"Let us use our intelligence, together, to define our use and understanding of the word tradition, and once again, to proceed using it proudly.
"-Duncan McCallum M




Traditionalists believe that, however much the times we live in might be subject to change, there are basic human values which do not change. Our values in respect of the built environment are an example of this. This is clear for when we look at great architecture of one hundred, five hundred, two thousand years ago its power is undiminished.

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Interview with Robert A.M. Stern


Robert A.M. Stern is best known as an architect wh

ose buildings are rooted in the historic tradition of the built world.

"I don’t want to be original. I want to be good. That’s what Mies van der Rohe said."

"I used to say over and over again to students: you can’t design a building and have a button next to the front door and you press it and out comes a voice saying: ‘this is the architect speaking and I am now going to explain this building to you and make you understand why it is important.’ It’s just a front door. It’s just a building. People have to bring some perception of their own to the building, but the building has to connect to that perception. There is a dialogue. There are many buildings that only talk to themselves. I think that’s unfortunate."


Can traditional and modern architecture coexist? Read the opinions of several debaters in this discussion



Royal Ontario Museum - Toronto

The extension to the Royal Ontario Museum (ROM), now named the Michael Lee-Chin Crystal, is situated at one of the most prominent intersections in downtown central Toronto.  It is the largest Museum in Canada and attracts more than a million visitors a year.

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RA:" Most traditionalist architects know there is no point going in for competitions if they are going to be judged by other architects. Then the whole thing becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. There are planning guidelines for local councils which specifically say "pastiche" will not be favoured over good modern design."

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New German Parliament, Reichstag


The Reichstag building was opened in 1894 and in 1933 it was severely damaged in a fire. After the Second World War the Reichstag building fell into disuse. The building was made safe against the elements and partially refurbished in the 1960s, but no attempt at full restoration was made until after the reunification of Germany on October 3, 1990, when it underwent reconstruction led by internationally renowned architect Norman Foster. After its completion in 1999, it became the meeting place of the modern German parliament, the Bundestag.

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Zaha Hadid (born 10.3


The first woman architect who ever won the Pritzker Architecture prize went to the legendary Zaha Hadid. Born in Iraq Hadid went on to win this iconic award which is often termed the ‘Nobel peace prize of architecture’. Hadid’s forms are characterized as futuristic, unconventional, daring and artistic. Many of her projects were never built and she still was ranked on Forbes list at 69th most powerfu

l women in 2008. Her beautiful buildings always leave us with our mouths open, as if to say, “How did she design that?”





Frank Gehry gives journalist the finger

¿"arquitectura de espectáculo"?

At a press conference to coincide with the awards, the first question was from a reporter who asked how he responds to the charge that he practices what Spaniards call “arquitectura-espectáculo,” a term basically explained by the Guggenheim in Bilbao.

His answer?

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Dubai Is Building Another Tower Which Would Be Way Taller Than Burj Khalifa!